Giuliano Sorgini

Lavoro E Tempo Libero

Sonor Music Editions SME59
  • LP: Ltd. to 500 copies, 180 gram vinyl
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Originally released in 1980 on Goldfinger label and realized to score various documentaries for Italian Rai TV, Sonor Music Editions is happy to release an highly sought-after Italian Library jewel with mental Disco-Funk cuts and sleazy groove dopeness. "LAVORO E TEMPO LIBERO" by the eclectic maestro Giuliano Sorgini is another stellar recording from the comprehensive Italian Library world, very different from his 70s masterpieces like Under Pompelmo or Zoo Folle but with a perfect early 80s sound and clear funky greatness mixed with some very beautiful chill jams. An insane set of Dark Funk bangers filled with drum breaks and beats / different refined moods with soothing airs and loungy suites / exquisite flute notes by Nino Rapicavoli / sharp guitars and sleazy basslines. Easily one of the top albums out of Library labels Usignolo/Goldifinger with renewed artwork and remastered sound for the joy of collectors, DJs and sample hunters.

Giuliano Sorgini: Lavoro E Tempo Libero

Ingranaggi Pesanti Giuliano Sorgini 1' 17''
Gitatour Giuliano Sorgini 3' 28''
Lavoro Cerebrale Giuliano Sorgini 7' 13''
Curiosita' Giuliano Sorgini 2' 22''
Diversivo Giuliano Sorgini 3' 57''
Cadenza Dinamica Giuliano Sorgini 2' 11''
Riposo Meritato Giuliano Sorgini 4' 21''
Analisi Scientifiche Giuliano Sorgini 5' 01''
Produzione Intensiva Giuliano Sorgini 2' 54''
Ciclo Continuo Giuliano Sorgini 2' 00''
Pausa Mensa Giuliano Sorgini 3' 29''
Turbine In Moto Giuliano Sorgini 2' 50''

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