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Keith Kenniff’s output as Goldmund has established him as one of the preeminent composers of minimal piano-based ambient music alongside peers like Hauschka, Dustin O’Halloran, and even Ryuichi Sakamoto. Tangential to prior Goldmund material, there are a few moments of Occasus that feel dark and menacing like “No Story” and “Thread”, both of which broach urgent paranoia, and provide a refreshing counterweight to the idyll typical of the project. Kenniff’s music has always been unquestionably gorgeous, but seeing it set against an occasionally manic backdrop makes the moments of light shine that much brighter.

Goldmund: Occasus

Before Goldmund
Above Goldmund
Bounded Goldmund
Breaking Goldmund
As You Know Goldmund
Circle Goldmund
Migration Goldmund
No Story Goldmund
Thread Goldmund
Terrarium Goldmund
Turns Goldmund
What Lasts Goldmund

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