Hallow Ground HG1707
  • LP: Includes download, 180 gram vinyl
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For over two decades now, Martin Maischein has dedicated himself to all things meditative and adventurous on release for labels such as Editions Mego, Force Inc. or Position Chrome. Before making his distinctive sound heard on Techno floors around the world once more with a dubbed-out rework of Matrixxman's "Beacon" in the summer of 2017, Maischein released a small-run cassette release on Dominick Fernow's Hospital Productions under his Goner moniker. "Yogascum" will now be re-released on vinyl by the Switzerland-based Hallow Ground imprint. Maischein started working on "Yogascum" in 2014 with the intention of pushing the boundaries of his signature sound even further. Having received a grant by the Musicboard Berlin, he developed an audio-visual show around the three tracks at the core of "Yogascum", all of which feature instruments and sounds previously unheard of in Maischein's work. While the Berlin-based noise cellist UnterLala weaves her signature screeches into the pulsating drones of "YS-1" and "YS-3", zK member Mark Godwin on "YS-2" injects the subtle influence of a band whose records he has been working on as a mastering engineer, Coil.

Goner: Yogascum

YS 1 Goner 14' 39''
YS 2 Goner 6' 04''
YS 3 Goner 12' 44''

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