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Gonjasufi’s third album for Warp Records is the most challenging and raw recording of his career. In the past, Gonjasufi’s music, however dissonant it became, would faithfully drift ahead, as if buoyed by the same heightened state as his yoga practice. But for these nineteen tracks, created during the last five years and in three studios scattered across two states, Gonjasufi exposes the scars of a lifetime, digging beneath the surface coat of a callus to strike nerves and expose his reality. If the earliest Gonjasufi records suggested an effort to overcome, the scowling violin drone and electronically mangled vocals of “Poltergeist” and colossal riff and crushing rhythm of “The Kill” make it clear that he’s now facing them, sans fear or hesitation. This is the other side of Gonjasufi, then, ready to battle for what he believes.

Produced by Gonjasufi, Callus also features former The Cure guitarist Pearl Thompson on several tracks. Written and recorded over the span of 4 years, split between Las Vegas and Gonjasufi’s home in the California desert, Callus is undeniably the musician’s most soul-baring and cathartic collection. It is about embracing hurt and anger to create something... “That’s the callus. How can you not be in pain? It ain’t about getting past that shit. It’s about growing into it.”

Gonjasufi: Callus

Your Maker Gonjasufi
Maniac Depressant Gonjasufi
Afrikan Spaceship Gonjasufi
Carolyn Shadows Gonjasufi
Ole Man Sufferah Gonjasufi
Greasemonkey Gonjasufi
The Kill Gonjasufi
Prints Of Sin Gonjasufi
Krishna Punk Gonjasufi
Elephant Man Gonjasufi
Elephant Man Gonjasufi
Poltergeist Gonjasufi
Vinaigrette Gonjasufi
Vinaigrette Gonjasufi
Surfinfinity Gonjasufi
Surfinfinity Gonjasufi
The Jinx Gonjasufi
Shakin Parasites Gonjasufi
Last Nightmare Gonjasufi

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