Mandela Effect

Warp Records WARPLP286
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Gonjasufi announces a new collection of remixes, covers and original music, aptly titled Mandela Effect. This release shows the producer expanding on his stark message from Callus with support from a diverse cast of musical peers and local collaborators.

The Mandela Effect is a recent phenomenon in which experiencers claim to be living in a reality slightly different from the one they remember. These differences, manifested in literature, movies, logos and even people themselves, constitute the evidence of an altered reality for "Mandela" believers. The term was coined after large groups of people seemed to " misremember" that Nelson Mandela had died during his imprisonment in South Africa.

Gonjasufi: Mandela Effect

X (Intro) Gonjasufi
Show (Beth Gibbons Rustin Man Cover) Gonjasufi
Your Maker (Daddy G remix) Gonjasufi
Afrikan Spaceship (Shabazz Palaces Rework) Gonjasufi
Maniac Depressant (Perera Elsewhere remix) Gonjasufi
When I Die (IMD remix) Gonjasufi
Y (Interlude) Gonjasufi
The Conspiracy (Santino Romeri remix) Gonjasufi
Your Maker (Anna Wise Remaker) Gonjasufi
Afrikan Spaceship (Ras G Ghettoscifi remix) Gonjasufi
Maniac Depressant (Innsyter remix) Gonjasufi
Vinaigrette (Dave Parley remix) Gonjasufi
Afrikan Spaceship (King Britt Rework) Gonjasufi
The Kill (Moor Mother remix) Gonjasufi
Etherwave (feat Tony Allen) Gonjasufi
Z (Outro) Gonjasufi

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