Greg Fox

The Gradual Progression

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The Gradual Progression is a transformative collection of new music by Greg Fox. The seven pieces of The Gradual Progression activate spiritual states through physical means, Fox's rigorous inner rhythms the mandalic vessel for unbound expression and arrangement.

TGP signals both a reconciliation of disparate musical ventures and a new nirvanic stage in the artist's oeuvre.

TGP includes contributions from musicians Curtis Santiago, Michael Beharie, Maria Kim Grand, and Justin Frye, all offering various voices through instrument and from within.

Fox considers the power of Sensory Percussion, the software program developed by Tlacael Esparza that helped facilitate the vision for TGP, unprecedented - something akin to magic.

Tauba Auerbach lends her own brand of magic to the artwork for TGP.

Greg Fox: The Gradual Progression

The Gradual Progression Greg Fox 7' 04''
Earth Center Possessing Stream Greg Fox 5' 10''
By Virtue of Emptiness Greg Fox 5' 46''
Catching an L Greg Fox 3' 26''
My House of Equalizing Predecessors Greg Fox 6' 32''
OPB Greg Fox 4' 40''
Preponderance of the Small (Bonus Track) Greg Fox 4' 58''

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