The Man Who Died In His Boat

Kranky KRANK177CD
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What could be better than a reissue of GROUPER’s Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill? How about an entire album of unreleased material recorded at the same time that is equal in quality?

Grouper: The Man Who Died In His Boat

Vanishing Point Grouper 3'31''
Sts Grouper 6'06''
Living Room Grouper 2'22''
Difference (Voices) Grouper 5'48''
Cover The Long Way Grouper 4'05''
Vital Grouper 4'14''
Towers Grouper 5'19''
Cloud In Places Grouper 4'05''
The Man Who Died In His Boat Grouper 5'01''
Being Her Shadow Grouper 4'45''
6 Grouper 1'49''

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