Hakan Lidbo

Musick 16 - Dunka Dunka

Musick musick_016 cd
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Sweden's foremost producer Hakan Lidbo is a legend in '90s tech-house, and has released countless dance/pop records in his almost 15-year-long career. Virtually everything that Lidbo touches becomes a new invention in quirky electro production, welding together minimal, Latin, soul, disco, click-house and more to baffle even the most well-seasoned techno-phile.
Dunka Dunka, according to Lidbo, is "an expression old people use to describe modern music." What this means for the actual content of the record is unclear, but as is evidenced with the three previously 12"-only tracks "Half Man Half Lobster," "Speedway" and "Call For Islam," „Dunka Dunka“ should be chock-full of dark disco-techno, bit-crushed minimal melodies, and well-distorted vocal lines. It's not the usual minimal mainstream output, but some sort of variation on futuristic splatter, still holding onto a solid remnant of classic disco. Whatever your mood, Lidbo demands that you dance from side-to-side under a deep purple strobe-light, keeping in mind that these tracks were made under the influence of self-administered electric shock treatment, cocaine, happy-pills, and ginseng juice.

Hakan Lidbo: Musick 16 - Dunka Dunka

Shawnstooker Short Hakan Lidbo 2' 17''
Half Man Half Lobster Hakan Lidbo 4' 03''
Geekdork Hakan Lidbo 6' 05''
Peepoo Hakan Lidbo 7' 20''
Call For Islam Hakan Lidbo 7' 36''
Sonic Bricks Hakan Lidbo 7' 11''
Speedway Hakan Lidbo 4' 58''
Raversnation Hakan Lidbo 7' 10''
Baksug Hakan Lidbo 6' 20''
This Looks Infected, Doesn't It? Hakan Lidbo 5' 50''
Miss Transylvania Hakan Lidbo 4' 00''

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