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the hausmeister's new album is OURS (unser). ours means something to share or to share something. ours is just the opposite of me myself and my - as in selfishness, but as in loneliness, too: ours life, ours thoughts. hours of pleasure. our friends, our family, our house. or simply our music. ours describes a relationship. coincidential also the ending of it. to come apart. to part company. ours is something we share. even if we beg to differ. the creation of ours is tied to a certain moment of communication. the hausmeister's ours doesn't dare to speak. but his music does. and so his ours is an ours for all of us: together with the hausmeister, but also an our of you and me both.

Hausmeister: Unser

Leet Hausmeister 1' 17''
Muner Hausmeister 4' 02''
Riger Hausmeister 2' 36''
Tifft Hausmeister 3' 50''
Unser Hausmeister 2' 51''
Wanter Hausmeister 4' 24''
Tobing Hausmeister 4' 35''
Nugita Hausmeister 4' 06''
Jeaning Hausmeister 4' 11''
Stinner Hausmeister 4' 27''

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