Hegira Moya

Slow Vein

Moloton MOLOTON006MC
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Hegira Moya is the solo project of Tokyo-based composer and producer Shota Abeki, who has previously released a number of shorter works on various Japanese labels. On ‘Slow Vein’, he makes use of synths, guitars and drum machines to create gloomy, beautiful scapes of sound, based around deeply emotional pop melodies that give you an immediate feel of nostalgia, even if it’s nostalgia for events you never lived. The release as a whole is hard to boil down to one genre, at least one that already has a name - it would make a perfect fit if there was a ‘music to drive cars late at night to’-ambient subgenre. ‘Slow Vein’ has the certain type of personal and melancholy core that makes us at Moloton proud to have it as the next instalment in our expanding catalog.

Hegira Moya: Slow Vein

Awareness Hegira Moya 6' 35''
Obscure Corner Hegira Moya 4' 50''
Cocoon Village Hegira Moya 4' 02''
Drifter Hegira Moya 5' 58''
Black Tar Hegira Moya 6' 06''

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