World In Action Remixed

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Mutant jungle forms, hazy glitch experiments and trance inducing downtempo collide with sharp percussion and dense low end on this latest Alter 12”. Helm’s recent 'World In Action' EP for The Trilogy Tapes is reworked by a whole host of favourites including Laurel Halo and Parris who offer up two distinctly different takes on ‘Blue Scene’. No Symbols boss Beneath turns his hand to title track ‘World in Action’ with that typically murky, deconstructed club aesthetic whilst Parisian mainstay Low Jack gets deep on the A2, his five and a half minute version of ‘Candy’ sounding like a cross between Nuno Canavarro and Whitehouse. Delivering what might well be the records most subdued moment, Brussels' Sky H1 slows ‘After Dark’ way way down with some barely there auto-tuned vocals helping to bring things into the fold.

Helm: World In Action Remixed

Blue Scene (Parris Remix) Helm 4' 00''
Candy (Low Jack Remix) Helm 5' 33''
Blue Scene (Laurel Halo Remix) Helm 6' 40''
World In Action (Beneath Remix) Helm 3' 38''
After Dark (Sky H1 Remix) Helm 3' 58''

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