Henry Ok

Let's Get It On

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there are only two kinds of music: the one that makes you jump up and pour beer over your head and the one that lets you just want to slack on a couch! that's what henry ok stated in 1999. at that time henry (aka she-dentist) created gloomy soundscapes only out of samples, which just draged you in the afore-said couch. one can't exactly tell, which of both types the music he makes today belongs to. in fact his music melts these two aspects into an original creation. on the one side the ninety-like retro-spheres and the yearning basses of analogous warmth direct you to the slacker-couch. also the monotonous, minimal and nevertheless catching melodies let you dream for a little while. but the breakbeats and henry's vocals between speaking and singing push you ahead into a strange kind of urbanity: orange big-city-lights and the beer in your hand you suddenly dump out over your head.
henry ok's texts transport the charisma of juvenile desire in the nineties, of night-active growing up. yet you never get the feeling of hiding in the ground, but of stepping forward, out into the world.
two tracks are featured by doris prlic aka revolver dog, a female rapper from linz, austria. with her dark female voice she sets an interesting counterpoint and shows how the tracks work in a totally different way. this cooperation was already presented live at the ars electronica in linz in september 2004.

Henry Ok: Let's Get It On

Let's Get It On Henry Ok 6' 18''
Summer Is Dreaming Henry Ok 4' 59''
Survival Of ... Henry Ok 4' 44''
Gas Stationers Henry Ok 3' 36''
Later Perhaps We Will Henry Ok 3' 00''
Your Home Somewhere Near The Lakeside Henry Ok 4' 22''
Horrorfication Henry Ok 5' 35''
Random Tourist Henry Ok 5' 04''
The World Is Yours Henry Ok 6' 40''

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