Box Of Swords

Peder Mannerfelt PMH001
  • EP: Edition of 200 copies
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Following the watershed madness of his ‘Yield’ tape for V I S, Meandyou. co-founder Herron unbuckles in rude and fractious form for Peder Mannerfelt Produktion, alongside the bossman’s own remix.

Where Herron’s music was mostly 4-squared and greyscale until recently, it’s now rambunctiously off-kilter and swirled with iridescent electronics that appeal much more to our heads at least.

‘Billy’s Walk Home’ epitomises this new energy in a swarm of swanging electro and fizzing automated FX, while ‘Throwing Mud’ sounds like classic T++ swilled with gravel, and ‘Losing Spirit’ parries with chewy acid electro recalling Gescom, and ‘United Walls’ sidesteps into stranger eldritch folk melody and crunching vintage AFXisms. Bravo, lad. Peder Mannerfelt is also on hand to resculpt ‘United Walls’ with a bolshier techno pressure.

Herron: Box Of Swords

Billy's Walk Home Herron 5' 39''
Throwing Mud Herron 7' 31''
Losing Spirit Herron 5' 38''
United Walls (Original Mix) Herron 4' 07''
United Walls (Peder Mannerfelt Remix) Herron 5' 17''

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