Hiiragi Fukuda


Trouble In Mind TIM086LP
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HIIRAGI FUKUDA turned a lot of "heads" with his 2013 album My Turntable Is Slow — released on NY label Selection Records. TiM hopes to carry his name into 2015 with the release of Seacide — Fukuda's first foray into synthesizer music. Originally released as a criminally limited cassette on Sloow Tapes, Seacide is entirely instrumental & improvised, with it's hypnotic drones & pulses echoing out of his practice amplifier and carving out sonic territory akin to NY pioneers Suicide as well as UK Industrial godfathers Throbbing Gristle.

Hiiragi Fukuda: Seacide

316L Hiiragi Fukuda 10' 39''
Trochos Hiiragi Fukuda 7' 48''
Sharpener Hiiragi Fukuda 8' 25''
Seashells Hiiragi Fukuda 16' 00''
Breeze Hiiragi Fukuda 11' 36''

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