Hisato Higuchi

Kietsuzukeru Echo

Root Strata RS103LP
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Kietsuzukeru Echo (loosely translated to ‘Disappearing Echo’) is Tokyo, Japan stalwart Hisato Higuchi’s second offering for Root Strata - his first being an a cappella track for the Tsuki No Seika 7” series in 2011. After over two decades of releases on P.S.F., Family Vineyard, Apollolaan and a steady string on his own imprint Ghost Disc, Hisato’s latest effort marks a stylistic, yet finely distilled, return to his earliest live sets from the mid 1990’s - documented in the P.S.F. record Early Works. Conjuring an incredibly intimate space with only guitar and voice, the home-recorded Kietsuzukeru Echo is illuminated from within. Eight songs of soliloquy and scene, eight songs that disappear.

Hisato Higuchi: Kietsuzukeru Echo

Itami Hakobu Utsuwa Hisato Higuchi 4' 49''
Shoshitsu Hisato Higuchi 6' 24''
Furikaesu Te Hisato Higuchi 3' 47''
Yomigaeru Uta Hisato Higuchi 5' 26''
Yo Wo Kuru Hisato Higuchi 5' 56''
Kimi No Nawa Hikoki Hisato Higuchi 4' 31''
Mirai No Kioku Hisato Higuchi 5' 02''
Kimi Ga Hiku Sen Wa Kii Hisato Higuchi 5' 37''

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