Permanent Destitution

Profound Lore Records PFL 208 LP
  • LP: Includes download, incl. insert
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Seattle, Washington’s Hissing engage in dark, dissonant, cacophonous, inverted death metal noise and with their debut album, Permanent Destitution, the three-piece have created a nihilistic vision of deranged otherworldly audial pandemonium. A soundscape of pure enveloping darkness and unrelenting chaos, it deconstructs and builds itself through walls and layers of pummeling turmoil and disarray generated through twisted, angular guitar work and fretboard annihilation, surgically cold and calculated death march drums and monolithic bass, all with a dark overbearing ambience. The added touch of droning noise segments, also crucial to the band’s sound, mixed with the doomy industrial components, become that final element to make this release a towering monument of primal avant-deathnoise.

Formed in 2014, Hissing had already made quite the reputation as a force to be reckoned with on the West Coast through various live appearances (which included a major US tour with Sunn 0))), impressions made with their 2015 demo, and most notably with their 2016 self-titled 7-inch EP released by Southern Lord along with last year’s massive split with Sutekh Hexen (Flenser).

Hissing: Permanent Destitution

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