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To achieve Platform, Herndon has opened up her process to vital artists and thinkers from her creative circle, including radical Dutch design studio Metahaven and digital DIY artist Mat Dryhurst, leading by example to tackle a host of topics ranging from systemic inequality, surveillance states, and neo-feudalism. Platform underscores the need for new fantasies and strategic collective action.

Offering what Herndon describes as "a rupture, a paradisic gesture", Platform is an optimistic breakthrough for Herndon, an appeal for progress, and a step toward new ways to love.

Platform is Holly Herndon?s debut album for 4AD, a cooperative effort with RVNG Intl., the NYC imprint with whom Herndon has worked for many years and released her first record Movement.

Holly Herndon: Platform

Interference Holly Herndon 4' 41''
Chorus Holly Herndon 5' 55''
Unequal feat. Colin Self Holly Herndon 5' 11''
Morning Sun Holly Herndon 5' 21''
Locker Leak feat. Spencer Longo Holly Herndon 4' 15''
An Exit feat. Amnesia Scanner Holly Herndon 4' 58''
Lonely At The Top feat. Claire Tolan Holly Herndon 4' 31''
DAO Holly Herndon 4' 13''
Home Holly Herndon 5' 53''
New Ways To Love Holly Herndon 4' 38''

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