House of Kenzo

Bonfires Of Urbanity

Ascetic House ASCHOK
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San Antonio, Texas-based House of Kenzo add to the trail of dancefloor destruction with a debut tape of rugged hard club tracks experimenting with a fusion of gabber kicks and heavy metal slashes, now expanded with reworks and deconstructions by Rabit & Der Kindestod, and Ben Aqua.

Bonfires of Urbanity showcases three of the collective in fierce fashion, tossing up the controlled rage of Ledef’s blast beat rushes, side-eying vocals and cartoonish sirens in Purity Bynez, and to Death Grips-like effect in Hangar Queen featuring barked vocals by Kelly Mizrahi, with a paranoid, claustrophobic diagnosis of American contemporary culture in the EP’s most impressive part, Tone Pardon’s fractious anti-banger, Melania Carry.

Rabit & Der Kindestod join in the fracas on the flipside with their C*nt Allstars rework of Fires Of Urbanity coming off like a Ballroom for a bar brawl outside a sleazy jazz bar, while #FEELINGS proprietor Ben Aqua breaks down Bonfires of Urbanity to resemble a Ryan Trecartin soundtrack done by Elysia Crampton.

House of Kenzo: Bonfires Of Urbanity

Hangar Queen House of Kenzo
Purity Bynez House of Kenzo
Melania Carry House of Kenzo
Bonfires Of Urbanity (Cunt All-Stars Rework by Rabit & Derkindestod) House of Kenzo
Bonfires Of Urbanity (Deconstructed by Ben Aqua) House of Kenzo

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