I Drew Blank

Interesting Life Choices

Späti Palace SP023MC
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The debut EP “Interesting Life Choices” of Berlin based bassist & singer Oyèmi Hessou (JAGUWAR), guitarist & singer Dominik Jureschko (White Hand Gibbon) and drummer Eilis Frawley (Party Fears, Bang On) is out now on cassette and digitally and makes for a perfect late summer soundtrack for the heartbroken and the hopeful. Authentically indie with no small amount of grit, raw emotion and a heady swirl. Recorded and mixed by Andreas Sommer (Yacht Communism, Henry Fonda), Interesting Life Choices is a follow-up to the band’s first shimmering singles, “Hometown Dolphins” and “Nothing So Far”.

I Drew Blank: Interesting Life Choices

No Promises Were Made I Drew Blank 3' 48''
What We Need Is Time I Drew Blank 2' 56''
Uncomfy I Drew Blank 2' 04''
It's Winter In Warsaw I Drew Blank 4' 02''
We Fail We Rest, We Rest We Fail I Drew Blank 5' 08''

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