Ian MacFarlane


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  • LP: Heavyweight vinyl
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Post-Nuclear Mind Music? Lizard Strategies? Void Spirit...? These bizarre titles are just a few of the self-coined terms that Australian electronic musician Ian MacFarlane has conjured to represent his eccentric sonic world. An artist whose unique style of electronic experimentalism has balanced dangerously close to the edge of popular convention, existing outside the mainstream and extending well beyond the fringe of any sanctioned independent scene. A futurist outsider whose extraordinary musical vision has explored the uncharted realms of consciousness and fantasy.

Following a brief stint with the legendary Australian Krautrockers Cybotron, MacFarlane produced three independent solo albums throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s. His debut LP Void Spirit, an experimental album issued under the pen name ‘Violet Lightning’, was followed by a further two albums published under his own name, the cosmic influenced Back From Beyond and finally the privately issued electro-ambient suite Planetarium.

Presented with hours of unreleased home recordings, The Roundtable has begun a dedicated search through the fascinating archives of this under exposed artist. Beginning with a vinyl release of the rare cassette-only album Planetarium; this private press sees MacFarlane armed with a bank of Roland synthesizers, drum machines and field recordings, spawning a mutant amalgam of German Kosmische Musik, French Library Electro and Private Issue New Age. Surrender to the stars and welcome to the first instalment of “Muzak To Moralize By”.

Ian MacFarlane: Planetarium

Hidden Leaves Ian MacFarlane 3' 42''
Fingers Pointing At The Moon Ian MacFarlane 7' 44''
Mindbridge Ian MacFarlane 5' 02''
Surrender To The Stars Ian MacFarlane 5' 23''
Seeds In The Dust Ian MacFarlane 3' 08''
Fires On The Plain Ian MacFarlane 4' 55''
A Mountain Of Swords Ian MacFarlane 6' 22''
Summits In The Mist Ian MacFarlane 5' 35''
Seeds In The Dust Ian MacFarlane 55''

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