Solla Solla

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  • 2LP: Remastered & Repackaged 2015 Version
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Ilaiyaraaja, Ilayaraja, Ilayaraaja, Isaignani, The Maestro… The undeniable prince of Kollywood cinema, India’s second largest film industry, Ilaiyaraaja is more than equal to his forward thinking contemporaries in Bollywood and Lollywood in both productivity and experimentation. However, once you have exhausted all possible leads using his various names (and the numerous misspellings) you’re faced with the unenviable task of sifting through a 34-year career spanning more than 900 film scores in Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada in order to unearth some the heaviest dancefloor friendly electronic pop to ever emerge from Southern India.

Impossible to pigeonhole and characterised by his own indefinable style the man is a genre in his own right.

Ilaiyaraaja: Solla Solla

Kholapurase Kudasathrivasi Ilaiyaraaja 4' 32''
Thanimayil Ilaiyaraaja 4' 21''
Mayakkama Ilaiyaraaja 4' 33''
Vaa! Naailukku Naall Ilaiyaraaja 4' 24''
Solla Solla Ilaiyaraaja 3' 32''
Raja Rani Jaakki Ilaiyaraaja 4' 19''
Thithikkum Ilaiyaraaja 4' 30''
One And Two Chachacha Ilaiyaraaja 6' 42''
Disco Sound Ilaiyaraaja 3' 35''
Yennadi Meenakshi Ilaiyaraaja 4' 05''
Kanavu Ondru Ilaiyaraaja 4' 32''
Naanthaan Ungappanda Ilaiyaraaja 4' 31''
Sorgam Madhuvile Ilaiyaraaja 4' 28''
Ponnana Neram Ilaiyaraaja 4' 19''
Rasigane Ilaiyaraaja 4' 57''
Aadal Paadalil Ilaiyaraaja 4' 23''

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