Indignant Senility

Plays Wagner

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'Plays Wagner' is the work of Pat Maherr and Indignant Senility appeared as a very limited cassette on Maherr's own label last year, but as soon as it landed at the Type offices we knew it needed to reach a wider audience. Using a handful of dusty Wagner pieces (no doubt scored from one of Portland, Oregon's many thrift stores), he has stretched and distorted the hallowed tones of the original material into something indescribably dark and beautiful. Like David Lynch's peerless Eraserhead soundtrack before it, this is music that sounds as if you are being dragged through rusted pipes and hearing the distant swell of broken gramophones playing in unison. Maherr has created music that is at all times exquisite but deeply disturbing. Like Leyland Kirby or even William Basinski, there is a sense of harmony, nostalgia and restraint in the layers of hiss, grit and noise.
It is only very rarely you hear something as pure and enveloping as 'Plays Wagner', and we are proud to be able to bring this to the wider world. Having mastered this from cassette tape, we have retained all the decomposing grime experienced on the original version (which was dubbed to aging, heavily used C90 cassettes), but have beefed it up for public consumption. The best way to absorb an album like this is to press play and simply slip away into a deep, nightmarish slumber. Just keep your eye on the radiator, who knows what might happen.

Indignant Senility: Plays Wagner

Untitled (Part One) Indignant Senility 5' 04''
Untitled (Part Two) Indignant Senility 6' 01''
Untitled (Part Three) Indignant Senility 6' 24''
Untitled (Part Four) Indignant Senility 7' 43''
Untitled (Part Five) Indignant Senility 5' 32''
Untitled (Part Six) Indignant Senility 9' 54''
Untitled (Part Seven) Indignant Senility 4' 09''
Untitled (Part Eight) Indignant Senility 8' 17''
Untitled (Part Nine) Indignant Senility 2' 27''
Untitled (Part Ten) Indignant Senility 13' 36''
Untitled (Part Eleven) Indignant Senility 8' 36''

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