Mutual Dreaming

Cititrax CITI 005
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The “Mutual Dreaming” LP by Brooklyn based synth duo Innergaze is a limited pressing of 999 copies on 160 gram vinyl, housed in a high quality full color printed sleeve featuring a collaborative artwork concept by Veronica Vasicka and Aurora Halal.

“Innergaze drag us slightly further back into the glorious cradle of dance music. Their music, crushed and static, obscured by sound. EBM, coldwave, early techno fight it out for dominance of the drum machine. Casually brutal vocals force their way through from the Death Factory. As if Chris & Cosey’s dalliances with the Eurythmics had conjured a restless pioneering demon to duet with Annie Lenox but had instead ended up consuming her. Celestial synths coexisting with the industrial landscape bellow.” -20 Jazz Funk Greats

Innergaze: Mutual Dreaming

Mutual Dreaming Innergaze 1' 09''
Relax Innergaze 1' 12''
Is This Your Love Innergaze 1' 04''
Autumn Innergaze 1' 13''
Gravitate To Me Innergaze 1' 03''
In Your Gaze Innergaze 1' 18''
Moon In My Room Innergaze 1' 07''
Waiting Innergaze 1' 11''

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