Ipek Gorgun

Ecce Homo

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Ecce Homo explores the lighter and darker shades of the human psyche, behaviour and existence, and humanity's ability to create beauty and destruction. What lies in the essence of such complexity has become a core idea for the album, while Gorgun seeks to figure out if there is a true meaning to being human, and human being.

Starting with "Neroli" as a human fascination with nature and finalising with "To Cross Great Rivers"; a never ending hopeless dream of the mankind to conquer and control the world, the album reflects the contemplations of a spectator being exposed to the human civilization, and witnessing human activity, including his/her own.

Trying to acquire a glimpse of the multiple layers of such narrative, the sound of the album aims to present a diversity of the sonic spectrum, with tracks varying between ambient and noisy landscapes.

Ipek Gorgun: Ecce Homo

Neroli Ipek Gorgun 6' 25''
Afterburner Ipek Gorgun 4' 20''
Tserin Dopchut Ipek Gorgun 5' 35''
Le Sacre I Ipek Gorgun 1' 14''
Le Sacre II Ipek Gorgun 2' 27''
Bohemian Grove Ipek Gorgun 5' 28''
Seneca Ipek Gorgun 4' 02''
Knightscope K5 Ipek Gorgun 6' 38''
Reverance Ipek Gorgun 2' 17''
Mileva Ipek Gorgun 3' 43''
To Cross Great Rivers Ipek Gorgun 4' 57''

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