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The Berlin-based duo It's A Musical has made another magic world you can enter like a playhouse. Following their two full length albums "The Music Makes Me Sick" and "For Years And Years", this March Morr Music will release their EP "Summer Break". Emphasis is on the word "break", for the summer is cold and dark and the playhouse is a strange one, colored by cool synthesizer sounds and dark moments where the drums punctuate the inseparable voices of Robert Kretzschmar and Ella Blixt. The lyrics tell the story of love on the break with a strange lightness and speed that is almost acrobatic. The cover image of a melted popsicle sums it up: this is pop, but melted. This conceptional approach is full of wit, energetic playfulness, and funny dance moves. Everything is and isn't what it is. The summer, the break, the popsicle, the love, and the musical. This band is smart and has big plans. After many touring adventures opening up for The Whitest Boy Alive and a two week tour in Japan in 2012, It's A Musical is about to embark on a month long tour with the cult band Tocotronic. Watch out for these little people get big.

It's A Musical: Summer Break

Let's Buy A House It's A Musical 3' 18''
Mood Swings It's A Musical 2' 33''
Layers It's A Musical 3' 24''
Summer Break It's A Musical 3' 44''

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