J. Derwort

Bamboo Music

Astral Industries AI-15
  • LP: 180g vinyl, incl. folded info leaflet
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Two sidelong excursions through ambientish New Age.

“I had the honour of remixing all of the Bamboo tapes that J.Derwort ever recorded. Most of my mixes were approved by the master himself during the last days of his life in Oliva, Spain. For ‘Eleven’, I sampled from his last live performance at Jazzcafe Dizzy in Rotterdam on February 11th, 2018. He died on the day of the release of our latest Chi Factory album, ‘The Mantra Recordings’, on February 11th, 2019. We will miss him, life will not be the same. Farewell soul brother!”

Words by Hanyo van Oosterom.

J. Derwort: Bamboo Music

Part One J. Derwort 19' 35''
Part Two J. Derwort 19' 45''

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