Jacob Yates

The Hare. The Moon. The Drone.

Optimo Music OM LP 13
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Optimo Music is thrilled to release the new album from Jacob Yates. Not only is he one of our all-time favourite artists from Glasgow, but he is one of our favourite artists from anywhere. Criminally unknown except to a few who have been long transfixed by his recordings and performances, we hope this release will open a few more ears to his wondrous musical world.

“The Hare, The Moon, The Drone” is the third album from Jacob Yates. This recording finds the band exploring dark hawthorn hedged lanes, moors and suburban, new build estates. There's something more earthy about the songs but the menace and darkness remains. Musically there is a big shift on this album, a field recording of a folk band from a dark, pine filled glen. The opener, The Car sets the scene for the rural side of the album, dank and stone cold. The tracks then shift through the woods, people turn into animals, we pass a sunlit glade, do you hear a love song? Cassie Ezeji closes the side sweetly lamenting in Gaelic as the snow falls.

Side two is a more urban affair opening with despair in a bedroom in Belgium, we visit a faith healer and drop in on your lonely mother. Lovatt recounts the story of a karaoke addicted murderer before we finally go home to our new build just outside of town where the pylons tower over Michael and his sister Rachel. It's a journey you can go on, looking out of the window of the bus, glimpses of lives glide by, cards on seats promise to help you. Ding! It's time to get off.

Jacob Yates: The Hare. The Moon. The Drone.

The Car Jacob Yates 30''
The Human Jacob Yates 30''
The Hare Jacob Yates 30''
The Moon Jacob Yates 30''
The Drone (Part 1) Jacob Yates 30''
The Drone (Part 2) Jacob Yates 30''
Mr Marouf Jacob Yates 30''
A Scene From An Empty Living Room Jacob Yates 30''
Outside The Needle Exchange Jacob Yates 30''
Michael Jacob Yates 30''

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