Jamie XX

In Colour

Young Turks YT 111521
  • LP: Includes download, Black vinyl, cut at 33rpm, die-cut artwork
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In THE FADER Emily Firedlander recently argued, that this is an album for the FOMO generation, pointing out, that this is much more than a nostalgic view on an era of (british) dance music: "If 'In Colour' sounds like the soundtrack to the best party ever, it's because it's continually reminding us that we aren't really there to begin with. Think of it as FOMO in album form - a reminder that the colors will always brighter, and the highs higher, when we're experiencing them in retrospect, or via an old video, or somebody else's Instagram video of a party that's happening 3,000 miles away."

Jamie XX: In Colour

Gosh Jamie XX 4' 51''
Sleep Sound Jamie XX 3' 53''
SeeSaw Jamie XX 4' 29''
Obvs Jamie XX 3' 51''
Just Saying Jamie XX 1' 24''
Stranger In A Room Jamie XX 2' 58''
Hold Tight Jamie XX 4' 03''
Loud Places Jamie XX 4' 43''
I Know There's Gonna Be (Good Times) Jamie XX 3' 34''
The Rest Is Noise Jamie XX 4' 58''
Girl Jamie XX 4' 02''

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