Jasmine Guffond

Yellow Bell

Sonic Pieces SP021CD-LTD
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Jasmine Guffond is an original creator of conceptual sound. This first output under her own name is its own study, and if you've heard her former projects Jasmina Maschina or Minit, you should not be surprised at the different driving force and fresh structure of sound behind this new venture. However, if you’re anticipating veins of clean, melodious folk or purely experimental electronic, you should shift your expectations.

Yellow Bell presents a broad spectrum of musicality, floating within hazy electronics, lost vocals, and ambient dimensions. The balance of digital synthesizer, loops, processed voice, and guitar creates a meticulous soundscape that both intrigues and calms. With its delicacy and immediacy, Yellow Bell distorts the perception of time and creates an environment for engagement and understanding.

While creating its own memorable dynamic, Yellow Bell resonates with the delayed endlessness of Grouper or lovesliescrushing and touches on the early electronic sounds of Musique concrete.

Jasmine Guffond: Yellow Bell

Yellow Bell Jasmine Guffond 7' 42''
Elephant Jasmine Guffond 10' 09''
Core Notions Jasmine Guffond 6' 14''
Useful Knowledge Jasmine Guffond 5' 57''
Lisa's Opening Jasmine Guffond 4' 25''
RR Variation Jasmine Guffond 10' 46''

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