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Some two years after dropping his debut album, "Broken Knowz", Jay Daniel delivers a follow-up. Interestingly, the fast-rising Detroit producer opted to move away from his usual club sound on "Tala", recently telling Resident Advisor that it was, "an invitation to know me outside of DJing". It's as deep, jazzy and musically rich as you'd expect, with Daniel flitting between jazz-funk/broken beat fusion, spacey ambient soundscapes, head-nodding hip-hop beats, intergalactic R&B instrumentals, super-smooth beatdown fare and the kind of hushed, glassy-eyed grooves that are best enjoyed while lying flat on your back at six in the morning.

Jay Daniel: Tala

Shining Jay Daniel 31''
Rapture Jay Daniel 2' 00''
Lilith Jay Daniel 2' 00''
Sundance Jay Daniel 2' 00''
Cherubim Jay Daniel 2' 00''
Aja Jay Daniel 2' 00''
Nestra Jay Daniel 1' 03''
Qalbi Jay Daniel 2' 01''
Razi Jay Daniel 43''
Lavanah Jay Daniel 2' 01''

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