Jerusalem In My Heart

Daqa'iq Tudaiq

Constellation CST137LP
  • LP: 180gr vinyl, incl. poster
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"To listen to the music of Jerusalem In My Heart, the name under which Radwan Ghazi Moumneh records, is to experience a lurching, sonic dislocation. The effect is as peculiar as it is exhilarating... A complex, yet lush, accumulation of language and sonic textures designed to transcend the limits of language and communicate at a level that is direct and unhindered. But beneath the carapace of swooping chromatics and yearning voices are scratchy textures and a sense of peril...'Daqa’iq Tudaiq' is perhaps a revelation of sorrow that goes beyond all language – with JIMH providing an articulate, angry and poetic voice for the mess we’re in.”

-New Internationalist

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