Jessy Lanza

Oh No

Hyperdub HDBLP030
  • LP: Includes download
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Lanza returns with her 2nd full length. This one is more up-tempo than her dubut, more danceable, kicking and "inspired by Japanese 80s electro outfit Yellow Magic Orchestra's philosophy of experimental pop". Every track here is full of ideas & eveyrthing lo-fi has gone. This is Lanza in full effect, we could not be happier. Or could we? Maybe you recall 'You'll Never Show Your Love", that perfect footwork ballad from 2015, produced by Teklife Crew members Taso and Spinn. Revisiting this, we wonder why Lanza teamed up (again) with Junior Boy Jeremy Greenspan in the studio. But still: This is awesome.

Jessy Lanza: Oh No

New Ogi Jessy Lanza
VV Violence Jessy Lanza
Never Enough Jessy Lanza
I Talk BB Jessy Lanza
Going Somewhere Jessy Lanza
It Means I Love You Jessy Lanza
Vivica Jessy Lanza
Oh No Jessy Lanza
Begins Jessy Lanza
Could Be U Jessy Lanza

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