John Bender

Plaster Falling

Superior Viaduct SV102LP
  • LP: Ltd. numbered edition on translucent blue Vinyl, incl. Insert
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Plaster Falling was recorded at the same time as John Bender's first album, I Don't Remember Now / I Don't Want To Talk About It. Released in 1981 on the artist's own Record Sluts label, copies of Plaster Falling's initial pressing came hermetically sealed in plaster (and later latex). Thus, listeners had to literally break open the record to find what's hidden inside.

Produced in relative isolation, Plaster Falling is a beacon of brilliance in the nascent minimal-wave sphere. Veering towards skeletal urgency, these recordings set bright analogue melodies against half-whispered vocals and expand Bender's electronic cryptography thru a series of lone signifiers: "Station," "Plaster," "Women," etc.

As Bender explains in the liner notes, "I began to distance myself from the present and describe scenes as if in a movie – seeking concrete, terse, juxtaposed imagery."

This first-time standalone reissue is recommended for fans of Gareth Williams and Mary Currie's Flaming Tunes, Minimal Man and Grouper. Pressed on translucent blue vinyl in a limited / numbered edition of 1000 copies.

John Bender: Plaster Falling

43B6 Station John Bender 2' 00''
42B4 Plaster John Bender 2' 00''
39A4 Women John Bender 2' 00''
45A2 People John Bender 2' 00''
39A5 Something John Bender 2' 00''
35B5 Records John Bender 2' 00''
34B1 Knuckles John Bender 2' 00''
38A1 Cities John Bender 2' 00''
45A1 Street John Bender 2' 00''

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