K. Leimer

The Grey Catalog

Palace Of Lights POL012015
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2015 release. The Grey Catalog departs from Leimer’s typical obsessions with understatement and homogeneity to range freely across rhythmic, melodic and disassembled forms. Incorporating percussion, electric guitar and bass as well as found sound, digital and analog synthesis and sampled instruments, The Grey Catalog spins off multiple intimations of musical forms.

Compiled over a two-year period, as diverse as the pieces are, they are also related by a shared generative technique and a shared library of voices and processing. Track selection for the final 15 was made from more than 30 pieces, and curated with the input of Matthew Werth, Paul Dickow, Greg Davis and Ron Schepper. The result is an album of highly personal music, restless and shifting forms, with melodic passages drawn over sets of self- regulating sources and shaped by chance.

"A resplendent soundworld rich in keyboards, strings, guitar, bass, and electronics is presented throughout, and it quickly becomes apparent that describing Leimer’s material as ambient proves to be a bit of a misnomer. Yes, the tempo is typically slow and the music far from frenetic, but the amplitude of sounds within a given arrangement makes for an always arresting listening experience, and the sonorous flow in a representative piece such as “Sift” is masterfully executed. And as “Absent Quarter” and “Halts” illustrate, the sensibility that comes through the tracks feels as much Eastern as Western, given the material’s meditative bent and lulling rhythmic flow." – Textura

K. Leimer: The Grey Catalog

Allegory K. Leimer
Ritual Thinning K. Leimer
Increment K. Leimer
Clasp K. Leimer
Gesture K. Leimer
Sung K. Leimer
Poésie K. Leimer
Europe K. Leimer
Casual Suffering K. Leimer
Disquiet K. Leimer
Absent Quarter K. Leimer
Halts K. Leimer
Colophon K. Leimer
Sift K. Leimer
At Remove K. Leimer

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