Kala Brisella

Endlich Krank

Späti Palace SP014
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This Berliner post-punk three-piece boasts the kind of live show any band would work years to achieve: noisy, controlled, driven and absolutely rocking, post-punk noise at its best. The album was recorded by Tadklimp, known more for his electro-acoustic wizardry on records by Mother Of The Unicorn, Fenster, Slow Steve, Oum Shatt and Saroos than for recording noise-rock. It was mastered by Ralv Milberg (Die Nerven, Karies, Human Abfall), who had also worked on their previous "Bilder" EP on Coszma Records. Between them both they have fashioned a unique sound on this debut album which we think will be our best release to date.

Kala Brisella: Endlich Krank

Braun Oral Kala Brisella 3' 28''
Flächen Kala Brisella 3' 39''
Endlich Krank Kala Brisella 4' 09''
In Meinem Innern Kala Brisella 4' 40''
Im Quartier Kala Brisella 4' 50''
Planet Kala Brisella 59''
Immer Neu Immer Fresh Kala Brisella 3' 14''
Der Schlaf Auf Meinen Augen Kala Brisella 2' 54''
Alles Zerreisst Kala Brisella 2' 10''
Kids Kala Brisella 4' 21''
Wenn Du Sprichst Kala Brisella 2' 17''

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