Malka Tuti Malka Tuti LP 006
  • LP: 180g vinyl, incl. sticker
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Kapitan is Dori Sadovnik, half of the groundbreaking dancefloor-scorching duo Red Axes.

In his debut solo LP Alaska, Kapitan takes us on a journey into the deepest realms of his inner psyche. Through his modular synth experimentations, his analogue approach for synthesis and organic instruments he created an lp that is both personal and outgoing, fresh and nostalgic at the same time.

Weaving samples from his non-stop traveling schedule as half of one of todays top dance acts, playing guitars, drum machines and synthesizers, the album feels contem- porary and timeless, like it could have been written at anytime in the past 30 years and still feel relevant than ever, echoing Mort Garcon’s modular experimentations as well as early Air music.

Kapitan: Alaska

Agen Kapitan 1' 11''
Berries Kapitan 2' 00''
Album Song Kapitan 2' 00''
5+3=8 Kapitan 2' 00''
Modi Kapitan 2' 00''
Bob Kapitan 2' 00''
Sendi Kapitan 2' 00''
America Kapitan 2' 00''
Twins Kapitan 1' 45''

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