Rapa Nui Clan

Opal Tapes OPAL080
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Following on from 2014's 'Hantasive' LP on Opal Tapes, Kaumwald have returned with a new suite of totally bugged out improv techno and electroacoustic burn out's entitled "Rapa Nui Clan"... They're a hard act to define, unifying the tabletop thrift attack of AMM or early Wolf Eyes against bold modular driven beats rich with crust. The albums title and tracks speak toward a sense of new discovery, voyaging and exploring. The duo's machines interlace this time with more pronounced vocals often rendered in absurd pitches or drawn out into oblivious texture. Tracks like 'Leil' and 'Minorque' request you to strap in as almost painful sound is slapped down over chunky 4/4. Opener 'Ortolan' and closer 'Albert Le Thouet' are lighter and more playful but overall it's a heavier and much denser affair than previous outings and all the better for it. As with any voyage there is a wealth of information to process, this is the sound of information frying in the pan as the ship readjusts it's course.

Kaumwald: Rapa Nui Clan

Ortolan Kaumwald 5'44''
Leil Kaumwald 8'36''
Rapa Nui Clan Kaumwald 10'30''
Minorque Kaumwald 9'48''
Petit Ourse Kaumwald 1'44''
Hippolyte Kaumwald 5'15''

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