Take Me Apart

Warp Records WARPLP287
  • LP: Includes download
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Kelela has enlisted a wealth of her contemporaries to craft out an album that shows both the classic appeal and futuristic possibilities of R&B music. Each track exudes a sense of excited exploration that makes Kelela's music stand head and shoulders above the glut of online static. The innovative sonics flow effortlessly around her voice, giving the strong impression that countless hours and many feelings have gone into the crafting of each piece, the whole set being absolutely sculpted to perfection for when it flows from speakers and into your mind.

Kelela: Take Me Apart

Frontline Kelela
Waitin Kelela
Take Me Apart Kelela
Enough Kelela
Jupiter Kelela
Better Kelela
LMK Kelela
Truth Or Dare Kelela
S.O.S. Kelela
Blue Light Kelela
Onanon Kelela
Turn To Dust Kelela
Bluff Kelela
Altadena Kelela

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