Kirill Mazhai

House (Unbuilt)

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Minsk-based composer and artist Kirill Mazhai brings us a fine piece of ambient music, ‘House (Unbuilt)’.

The name is a metaphor for what is left after a broken-off affair, a hollow structure made of what was and what never was, but with nobody living there anymore. Track titles are also inspired by a time during which the artist lived in a panel housing residential complex called Greenland, located in Murino on the outskirts of St. Petersburg.

Demonstrably, the six tracks seem part of a whole, like a suite of emotional states connected to these points in time, but also as a fused snapshot, seemingly timeless.

Kirill Mazhai: House (Unbuilt)

Lenta Kirill Mazhai 8' 17''
Greenland Kirill Mazhai 3' 07''
Parking Lot Kirill Mazhai 4' 49''
7th Floor Kirill Mazhai 6' 57''
Apartment 301 Kirill Mazhai 7' 39''
Here Kirill Mazhai 3' 54''

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