Klaus Schulze

Next Of Kin

The Roundtable SIR016LP
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Praised by Quentin Tarantino as one of the greatest films from Australian New Wave cinema, Next Of Kin (1982) was a highly stylised psychological thriller in the bloody tradition of European art-Horror. Scored by none other than ex-Tangerine Dream/Ash Ra Tempel drummer and German electronic music pioneer Klaus Schulze, the music featured in the film was a unique hybrid of pulsing Giallo-moods and hypnotic Berlin-School electronica. Due to the limited availability of the film over the years, rumours have long circulated amongst horror film fans as well as ‘Krautrock’ enthusiasts alike that a lost Klaus Schulze soundtrack existed.

Commissioned to write the score, it is true that Schulze composed an original full-length soundtrack for Next Of Kin, although for editorial reasons the complete score was rejected at the last moment by the filmmakers in favour of using pre-existing tracks from Schulze’s studio albums. The final soundtrack consisted of partial elements of this rejected score together with various pieces of early 80s Schulze recordings edited and re-contextualized. Finally rediscovered, the music has been assembled and presented here exactly as featured in the film, documenting a previously lost entry of German Kosmische Musik soundtracking a forgotten piece of Australian Gothic.

Klaus Schulze: Next Of Kin

Title Theme Klaus Schulze 3' 29''
Love Theme Klaus Schulze 2' 11''
Rhythm Fugue Klaus Schulze 2' 17''
Diary Theme Klaus Schulze 1' 17''
Body In Bath Klaus Schulze 1' 05''
Next Of Kin Klaus Schulze 2' 40''
Watching Theme Klaus Schulze 2' 02''
Crash Loop Klaus Schulze 1' 27''
Linda Flees Klaus Schulze 2' 28''
Dream Theme Klaus Schulze 3' 55''
Linda's Run Klaus Schulze 3' 19''
Kaiser-Walzer op. 437 Klaus Schulze 2' 49''
End Theme Klaus Schulze 5' 20''

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