Hyperdub HYPLP003LP
  • 2LP: deluxe gatefold packaging
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Kode9 and his first album without the Spaceape, who sadly passed away. The Hyperdub Boss does some pretty interesting things with Footwork here (making it slower basically), Grime and his very own Kode9 sound. A universe that will suck you in completely.

Kode9: Nothing

Zero Point Energy Kode9
Notel Kode9
Void Kode9
Holo Kode9
Third Ear Transmission (feat The Spaceape) Kode9
Zero Work Kode9
Vacuum Packed Kode9
Wu Wei Kode9
Casimir Effect Kode9
Respirator Kode9
Mirage Kode9
9 Drones Kode9
Nothing Lasts Forever Kode9

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