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“Loopworks” impacts almost instantly mainly because it shows some familiarity with the recent work of Leyland Kirby as The Caretaker, particularly with the “haunted ballroom” effect.

Kirby connects more with the idea of memory and its disappearance/transformation, whilst Koray explores the usage and the dynamic of these sounds as ambient music for different scenarios as well as the importance of a newfound life with the raw material he used to create these songs. The source material appears as enigmatic as these new sounds and activate a sense of discovery and constant wonder throughout “Loopworks”.

With the vinyl release of “Loopworks” we continue to manifest the importance of showing how technology and geography create different and original approaches to the standard western interpretation of field recordings and sound manipulation. Koray Kantarcioglu’s work here is a strong manifestation of that and how “haunted music” can express a myriad of feelings and sensations.

“Loopworks” has a tremendous vision of the metamorphosis that’s been occurring in
ambient music during the last decade. Sometimes it’s dreamy and calm as aquarium
music is (“500606” or “22 47 91 Take 1”); surprising and infinite as “263 Loop”, one of the few tracks with a voice, in this case a mysterious and transcendental one; or part of a John Carpenter & David Lynch film yet to be made (“Organ Extract KP 001”).

A fantastic voyage, from earth to space, through time or simply as the most beautiful and peaceful dive into the ocean. Old music transformed into something new, unique. That’s special.

Koray Kantarcioglu: Loopworks

500606 Koray Kantarcioglu 2' 58''
22 47 91 Take 1 Koray Kantarcioglu 4' 14''
263 Loop Koray Kantarcioglu 1' 57''
AC RU 29 Part 1 Koray Kantarcioglu 4' 47''
Parallel Moog 43 Koray Kantarcioglu 1' 20''
Percussions A-1100 Koray Kantarcioglu 3' 32''
Hits & Delay A-1100 Koray Kantarcioglu 1' 26''
Organ Extract KP 001 Koray Kantarcioglu 3' 33''
22 47 91 Take 2 Koray Kantarcioglu 2' 15''
AC RU 29 Part 2 Koray Kantarcioglu 3' 11''
AC RU 29 Part 3 Koray Kantarcioglu 4' 45''
AC RU 29 Loop TK1 Koray Kantarcioglu 2' 24''
AC RU 29 Loop TK2 Koray Kantarcioglu 2' 45''
ATLAS Koray Kantarcioglu 2' 48''

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