End Of Cycle

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After a near three-year absence, Fabian Kempe brings his Korridor project back to Northern Electronics. It's with a big release, too, as End of Cycle marks the producer's first full-length under the alias. After beginning with a blast of trippy, mind-altering ambient, Kempe delivers a master class in polyrhythmic electronic exploration, serving up hypnotic and off-kilter cuts that veer from dark metallic minimalism ("Integration") and dense modular dub techno ("Fundamental"), to psychedelic dancefloor intensity ("The Fall"), out-there hypno-jack ("Now Or Never"), to glacial, beat-free soundscapes designed to make the hairs on the back of your next stand on end ("Accident, I'm On The Ground").

Korridor: End Of Cycle

Opening Korridor
Integration Korridor
Fundamental Korridor
Walking In Fields Korridor
The Fall Korridor
Accident, I'm On The Ground Korridor
Now Or Never Korridor
Eventually We Will See The Beginning Again Korridor

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