Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer)


Gruenrekorder GR186
  • 10”: Limited to 500 copies
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The „Kuhzunft-slotmachine“ is a website-project, based on a picture of a crayon-painted slot machine. Clicking the start button activates the machine to randomly combine pre-produced recordings (of 45 seconds length) within three slots. Instead of typical fruits in the display, you would see photos attached to the specific sounds by the artists responsible for the content. Even the names of the „songs“ are put together by the single names each artist had chosen for their recordings. The vinyl release on Gruenrekorder documents the project with a selection from 13 artists and 158 recordings, that offered a possibility of 3.944.312 tracks. The online-slotmachine has the ability to continuously grow and contains at the date of the vinyl release (February 1st, 2019) four more artists and a total of 225 recordings, providing some 11.390.625 possible titles. Visit slotmachine.kuhzunft.com to discover the project yourself. You can either simply press START and get surprised or deactivate AUTO PLAY to make a selection.

The record features:
Jaap Blonk (NL) – Voice
John Chantler (AU) – Modular Synth
Serge Corteyn (DE) – Guitar
Rhodri Davies (GB) – Harp
Gaile Griciute (LT) – Prepared Piano
Richard Lerman (US) – Piezzo, Hydrophone
Seán Mac Erlaine (IE) – Woodwinds
Jérôme Noetinger (FR) – Tape Machine
Pablo Paredes (CL) – Keyboards
Michael Vatcher (US) – Drums
Simon Whetham (GB) – Field Recordings
Marta Zapparoli (IT) – Radio Waves
Achim Zepezauer (DE) – Drumcomputer, Electronics, Acoustics

Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer): Slotmachine

Simon Whetham Achim Zepezauer Jérôme Noetinger - Cowshed Neck Rupture Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 49''
Pablo Paredes Jérôme Noetinger Serge Corteyn - Puro Enterrement Barock Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 47''
Richard Lerman Jaap Blonk Pablo Paredes - Pearleaf Ploff Colorida Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 50''
Michael Vatcher Pablo Paredes Jaap Blonk - Chicago Glysophat Cheeks Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 51''
Achim Zepezauer Simon Whetham Jérôme Noetinger - Loving Coffee-Chirps Invasion Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 50''
Gaile Griciute Jérôme Noetinger Achim Zepezauer - Drop-In Turbulences Placed Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer)
Michael Vatcher Marta Zapparoli Gaile Griciute - Dusty Strings Materialize Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer)
John Chantler Richard Lerman Achim Zepezauer - High Tokyo-Bridge Road Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 47''
Jaap Blonk Seán Mac Erlaine Gaile Griciute - Oh Melodica Come Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer)
Achim Zepezauer - Nackt Driving Joy Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 49''
Simon Whetham Marta Zapparoli Pablo Paredes - Rain Pipe Love-Story Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 45''
Achim Zepezauer Jaap Blonk Simon Whetham - Weird Ptk Machines Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 46''
Seán Mac Erlaine Achim Zepezauer Pablo Paredes - Wheezychords Instead Trioledad Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 52''
Achim Zepezauer - Lucky Godly Mantra Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 48''
Seán Mac Erlaine John Chantler Achim Zepezauer - Oadharc Pulse Zapping Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 55''
Serge Corteyn John Chantler Achim Zepezauer - Hoppla Drum Schlepp Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 48''
Michael Vatcher Seán Mac Erlaine Jaap Blonk - Long Hoghorn Commercials Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 47''
Seán Mac Erlaine Serge Corteyn Achim Zepezauer - Tupiantraumsänger Start Pfui Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 46''
Michael Vatcher Rhodri Davies Gaile Griciute - Raw Women Emerge Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer)
Serge Corteyn Richard Lerman Marta Zapparoli - Ancient Compass-Needle Carillion Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 49''
Marta Zapparoli Richard Lerman Pablo Paredes - Deformelody Birdsurf Aire Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 46''
Rhodri Davies Seán Mac Erlaine Richard Lerman - Everything Clarinet Snow Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 49''
Michael Vatcher Rhodri Davies Achim Zepezauer - Meta Up Mourning Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 45''
John Chantler Rhodri Davies Jérôme Noetinger - Bells Involved Contact Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 47''
Rhodri Davies Marta Zapparoli Simon Whetham - Deadline Planing Port Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 48''
Rhodri Davies Richard Lerman John Chantler - Running Tape-Delay Accent Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 44''
Gaile Griciute John Chantler Michael Vatcher - Recur Pattern Enthusiast Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer)
Achim Zepezauer Marta Zapparoli Jérôme Noetinger - Ghostly Fireworks Scratch Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 44''
Achim Zepezauer Serge Corteyn Simon Whetham - Himmel Cushion Room Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer) 46''
Serge Corteyn Gaile Griciute Jaap Blonk - Cry Come-Out Flying Kuhzunft (Achim Zepezauer)

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