Songs for Midi

Warp Records WAP407
  • EP: Includes download
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Songs for Midi, even though mature in its sound, maintains that consequential childlike element upon which kwes. has built his repertoire. The EP is an ode to his two year old niece Midi, it’s an opus about childhood discoveries and the excitement a child feels in the ordinary and mundanity of everyday life, an uplifting comment on the effervescence of youth. Midi also designed the cover with a little help from Uncle Kwes. Perhaps the youngest ever designer in Warp’s near three decade history! Each track on the EP builds upon sounds including the gentle tick tock on Blox/Connor to the flourishing extensive synthlines and crescendos on Midori which call to mind the fragility of Arthur Russell’s World of Echo.

Kwes: Songs for Midi

Midori Kwes 2' 00''
Trike Kwes 2' 00''
Ungry Milk Kwes 2' 00''
99flake Kwes 2' 00''
Hometime Kwes 2' 00''
Blox Connor Kwes 2' 00''

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