Dream Bleeds

Cititrax CITI 026
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  • LP (color): Neon orange vinyl, ltd. to 400 copies
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Cititrax presents ‘Dream Bleeds’, a new vinyl release by Brighton, UK based producer L/F/D/M. L/F/D/M is Richard Smith who first emerged in 2013, inaugurating the Optimo Trax series with the Purple Maps EP. In 2014, he teamed up with former Factory Floor’s Dominic Butler to release two EP’s of hardware-driven atonal techno on Powell’s Diagonal Records. In 2015, Cititrax featured Moth Holes on Tracks Volume 2.

‘Dream Bleeds’ overflows with body jerking industrial, raw acid/techno, and hints of the warehouse sound of the late ‘90s and the caustic spirit of EBM.

Richard Smith says about ‘Dream Bleeds’, “attaching meaning to songs is often arbitrary but when the visceral feeling of music, particularly instrumental body music, is laid bare, the interaction is immediate and physical. These tracks thread together; each starting point completely open, each new step informed by the last. I find it interesting that the process is the same but the outcome somewhat unexpected; shaped by emotion, inspiration or even constraints of time, they evolve as they do in that time. They reach a different end point due to that evolution of circumstance.”

L/F/D/M: Dream Bleeds

Cru L/F/D/M 1' 06''
Bop L/F/D/M 1' 00''
Synchro Swim L/F/D/M 57''
Snake Vapours L/F/D/M 45''
Gloop L/F/D/M 1' 01''
Above a Forest L/F/D/M 1' 01''
One Terminal L/F/D/M 20''

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