LA 1919

Ars srA

Spittle Records SPITTLE94LP
  • LP+CD: CD with 2 Bonus tracks
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This is the definitive reissue of the long out of print first album from Italian experimental-rock band La 1919. Originally released in 1987 by ADN, the Italian Recommended Records branch, Ars srA was an early example of a long distance collaboration album as result of a virtuosic exchange of tapes between the Milan based duo and the legendary American guitarist Henry Kaiser and Canadian maverick sound artist John Oswald. The resulting music sounds like a perfect blend of '70s Art-Rock elements and '80s electronics. An eclectic mix of "Frith" oriented guitars, cold synthetic sounds and programmed drum machine beats. Some sort of sonic no-man's land where elements from the Post-Rock in Opposition aesthetic meet the experimental side of New Wave. The album includes a declared tribute to the Frith-Laswell-Maher seminal coalition, via a metronomic version of "Killing Time", the title track from Massacre's first album. The LP comes with updated graphics and contents including unpublished pictures and various memorabilia + CD with extra tracks.

LA 1919: Ars srA

Una Giornata Particolare LA 1919 30''
Il Sogno Di FF LA 1919 30''
Tenda Rossa LA 1919 30''
Killing Time LA 1919 30''
Vivace LA 1919 30''
Underwater Photography LA 1919 30''
ResiaKyrneH LA 1919 30''
Hawaii 5.0 LA 1919 30''
Progetti Di Grandi Citta Con Terazze LA 1919 30''
Il Margine LA 1919 30''
Gli Eroi De Lavaro LA 1919 30''
Tra Le Due Inghilterre (CD Bonus) LA 1919 30''
Domaine De Planousset (CD Bonus) LA 1919 30''

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