Déjà Rêvé

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  • LP: Includes download, incl. printed inner sleeve, 180 gram vinyl
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Based in Bristol, LTO first made waves as part of mysterious electronic collective Old Apparatus. As a solo producer, LTO has since attracted attention with his praised debut LP "The Number From Which All Things Come" and subsequent ambient/modern classical-focussed "Storybook“ LP. With "Déjà Rêvé“, he expands on that classical sensibility, creating a highly expressive and nuanced release for Denovali Records.

Each of the tracks on this record express a certain abstracted sense of time and place, often of a long forgotten memory or dream, or of an imagined future; of places foreign, yet strangely familiar; of varying states of consciousness; of non-linear time systems; of repetitive childhood fever dreams; of places with different laws of physics removing the constraints of day-to-day reality that you never want to leave; of unimaginable landscapes.

Broadening the already far-reaching colour palette of "Storybook", LTO has created something truly remarkable: complex piano arrangements, ethereal soundscapes, elegant orchestration and floating ambience, all perfectly placed in a rich cinematic landscape. LTO creates an ingenious dramaturgy, inducing different moods, from dark to light, with an inimitable depth and irresistible suction.

“haunting and comforting in equal measure. 4/5" – MOJO

“like memory preserved in nostalgic aspic” – The Independent

“Blurring the lines between the organic and machine-made... Takes nebulous sounds and crashes them with the clatter of machine rhythms… Brilliant.” - Hyponik

LTO: Déjà Rêvé

The Arrow Of Time LTO 4' 05''
Déjà Rêvé part 1 LTO 4' 37''
Deserve (feat. Asher Levitas) LTO 5' 08''
The Singularity (feat. Thom Quentin Leigh) LTO 5' 07''
Cuyabeno (feat. Asher Levitas) LTO 4' 55''
Modaxen LTO 7' 12''
43433 LTO 5' 57''
Ten Years LTO 5' 08''
Déjà Rêvé part 2 LTO 4' 23''

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