Lali Puna

Left Handed

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The „Left Handed“ 12“/mcd is the first sign of life since Lali Puna released their brilliant and much lauded album „Scary World Theory“ in 2001 and the split 7 inch together with Isan on Italy’s Unhip label last year.In the meantime Valerie Trebeljahr and Markus Acher have been working on their new full-length for Morr Music and this release is the first taster of what’s to come.
The title track „Left Handed“ sees Lali Puna shift from their delicate, electronic sound to the use of an instrument which, until now, was never heard in their music – namely the sound of distorted electric guitars.
Valerie is not shy in admitting that the guitars pay hommage to her idols Sonic Youth. However it must be said that Max Punktezahl, guitarist in Contriva and Notwist tour-member will undoubtedly carry some of the credit for this new sound as he was heavily involved in the recording of „Left Handed“.
Compared to the introversive works that single out Lali Puna’s previous releases „Left Handed“ is, for want of a better adjective, a very expressive number or...or...let’s just say „it rocks“.
Whereas Valerie Trebeljahr walks the thin line between a whispered notion and an outspoken political articulation (often mistaken as „cute“ or „timid“) in her lyrics on „Scary World Theory“, the vocals on „Left Handed“ are much bolder and piercing.
Valerie knows what she’s talking about. Still she doesn’t need to wax loud about it just as she doesn’t take the straightest path to make her point but meanders through lazy verses.
„Left Handed“ is followed up on the A side by „Left Handed“ - Dub by Markus Acher, a version assembled from the original „Left Handed“ sounds.The closing track is a cover version of The Human League’s „Together In Electric Dreams“ which Lali Puna originally recorded for a tribute sampler on March Records. As this sampler won’t find the same listener volume, which Morr Music enjoys the band decided that „Together...“ would be perfect as the B side to „Left Handed“.

Lali Puna: Left Handed

Left Handed (Maxi Version) Lali Puna 3' 44''
Left Handed Dub Lali Puna 4' 34''
Together In Electric Dreams Lali Puna 4' 31''

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