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Lali Puna meets the Korean band Trampauline. You may call cultural exchange and in the beginning there was just the plan to do a tour together Germany in January and then Korea in February 2015. At one point both bands thought the same: Let's see what happens if we start to exchange some culture before. So finally many files were sent back and forth with two songs getting finished:

"Machines are human" is featuring the voice and text of Hyosun Cha, singer of Trampauline. A love song, In 2014 machines are more human than humans. You can see Spike Jonzes "Her" waving at you.

"Mary Maloone", however, is a typical Lali Puna piece with the voice of Valerie Trebeljahr. Based on a beat by Trampauline Valerie is telling the nightmarish story of Mary, who is working out her soul for her lordship while infecting them with typhoid fever.

Lali Puna + Trampauline: Machines Are Human

Machines Are Human Lali Puna + Trampauline 5'10''
Mary Maloone Lali Puna + Trampauline 3'41''

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